Undersea Passage | Allison Tulloss, Carlos Tulloss, David Delmar, Doug Port

Allison Tulloss, Carlos Tulloss, David Delmar, Doug Port

Seattle's Undersea Passage performs storylike roots music laced with ethereal interludes and rhythmic adventures, in a sound described as "luscious..." "haunting..." "enchanting..."


Channelling otherworldly dialogues into ocean journeys and the bones of old ballads, lyricist David Delmar (vox, rhythm guitar) and the deep blue Allison Noel (vox, flute, keys) perform many songs as duets, highlighted by the rhythm play of West Coast touring veteran Doug Port (drums) and arranger Carlos Tulloss (bass). Fellow explorers Paul Fischer (lead guitar), Brett Joseph (saxophone), and multi-instrumentalist Michael Spaly (guitar, violin) bring a vibrant dimension.

Drawing influence from Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Martin Luther King, the sound is comparable to Wilco and the work Emmylou Harris has done with Daniel Lanois. Frequent collaborators include Allegra Chabay (vox), Warren Nelson (lead guitar), travist.paine and John Bennett (recordist) among many guest stars. Recordings also feature prominent Seattle keyboard players Joe Doria and Nate Spicer.

Recent performances include The White Rabbit and the Rendezvous JewelBox Theater in Seattle, Pier 23 in San Francisco; airplay includes CFRO 102.7 FM in Vancouver, B.C. and a guest host spot on the Local Lounge at KCDA 103.1 in Tacoma, WA.

Undersea Passage is part of the Ocean Tone community sharing a wide variety of music through the site with several thousand downloads monthly.


David Delmar | Vox, Rhythm Guitar
Allison Tulloss | Vox, Flute, Keys
Carlos Tulloss | Bass
Doug Port | Drums, Harmony Vox
Allegra Chabay | Vox
Brett Joseph | Saxophone
Michael Spaly | Lead Guitar, Violin
Paul Fischer | Lead Guitar
Warren Nelson | Lead Guitar


Understory (EP, 2005)
Ocean Tone ( streaming radio and downloads)