Undersea Passage Early Years
ARTIST: Undersea Passage
LABEL: Ocean Tone
Early Years

Time Out
Sailorsong 2004
David Delmar, Warren Nelson, Doug Port, Allison Tulloss & Carlos Tulloss

Waltzing Across The Water
David Delmar, Mike Ferraro, Michael Spaly, Allison Tulloss & Carlos Tulloss

Allegra Chabay, David Delmar, Doug Port & Carlos Tulloss

Invisible Palace
New Shoes
Allegra Chabay & David Delmar

An Angel Below
David Delmar, Narissa Johnson, Mike O’Doherty & Carlos Tulloss

Never Been To New York (demo)
David Delmar, Allison Tulloss & Carlos Tulloss

Only An Ocean 11.29.2
Land Of Plenty
Colour Shadows
Transmissions 5.24.3
Love Without Me
Yours To Keep 11.29.2
Waltzing Across The Water 1.19.3
Sailorsong 11.29.2
David Delmar, Mike Ferraro, Narissa Johnson & Carlos Tulloss

Your Shore
River Bed
Everywhere (demo)
David Delmar

No Directions (seamix)
David Delmar, Narissa Johnson & Allison Tulloss

Long Found Friend 10.26.2
Halfway To Heaven 10.26.2
Wesley Beatty, David Delmar, Mike Ferraro, Narissa Johnson & Carlos Tulloss

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